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dosomethingclub's Journal

The Do Something Club
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I made a commitment to myself that I would just do something every day. It doesn't have to be an hour. It doesn't have to be any particular workout. But I have to do *something* exercise/active related. Some days, it may be a walk to the store. Some days, it may be just my morning yoga stretch. Other days, it might be the 10 minute warmup on one of my videos. Another day, I may go bikeride or weightliift for an hour! The point is - I make it a habit that's easy to keep. If it's as easy to fit in to my day as brushing my teeth, I don't have the excuse to *not* do it.

Forming and maintaining the *habit* of exercise was the biggest challenge for me. Once I start exercising, I generally will keep going for longer than I expected. OTOH - I am *never* having to deal with "failure" or "lack off commitment" or "poor willpower" because - I *did* what I commited to - I did do something. And that sense of always doing it, of every day meeting my commitment to my fitness, really made a huge difference to me. It made it far more easy for me to become fit and healthy than if I had set myself up for some specific unrealistic goals that I would fail at and then quit because I failed...

Anyone care to join me? Memberships are open!

Join us in posting your small and large achievements. In sharing what works and what doesn't for *you*. In supporting each other in achieving health and fitness.

By request of one of the members, we are focusing on activity, not on food issues.