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What have I done for me, lately?

I need to write this somewhere designed to give positive feedback. I have not been doing much in the way of exercise, because of being so sick. I did over an hour of snow shovelling after the big storm, but that's the most I've managed to get done. My mother has been sending hate mail my way again, though, and I think I have expended enough calories in sobbing inconsollably for hours, that it counts for something.

I am exhausted, emotionally. I am tired, physically. I feel run down. Even the thought of getting up to do something makes me hurt right now. Amo is taking me and sis out to dinner tonight, for Valentine's Day. It's the first time in four years he's actually remembered the day, and I think it's partially because I've been so upset that he's trying to do something positive. I feel bad about that, but oh well. I hope that I can enjoy dinner. I'm not even going to attempt to eat on my diet. I don't care enough.

Oh, and I've maintained my flu weightloss, largely. I weighed in at 195 this morning.
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