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Losing weight.

How does that commercial go?

Cleaning materials for the bathroom - $20.00
Extra toilet paper and paper cups - $17.00
Antibiotics - $75.00
Losing 5 pounds overnight - Priceless!

My "do something" for yesterday was "run to the bathroom." There wasn't anything much else going on. i believe i broke down into hysteria at one point, and Master put me to bed quite early. i slept restlessly. i spent today trying to stomach dry toast and chicken broth. i eventually managed to get down two soft boiled eggs, although i'm still feeling a bit sick.

i did manage to play with babies for about ten minutes here, and five minutes there. That's about all the exercise i could manage. i really did lose five pounds overnight, though. i do NOT suggest you try it, though. This crud is horrible.
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