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Something finally!

Ok, so I finally got up off my lazy butt and did *something*
Granted it was due to the fact that I was bored and lonely, but hey, I did it.

We bought a book on Stretching for Flexbility and Toning the other day, and its a really nice resource.
I went through and did the Beginners Core Workout. Or rather, I went through the exercises. They were easy to follow and had great tips and hints for how to do things in the best way. I was able to do all the exercises well, without too much trouble, and I liked that they gave breathing instructions for each to the point where it got to be a pattern. That felt good. I am not overly aching or tired or anything, but I think I might feel it later. My back ached some when I began, and doesn't really seem to be much worse now that I've stopped (its an almost constant pain... I'm working on fixing that).

I am pleased to have gone through it, and hope that tomorrow I can do it a with more fluidity to the exercises and a little more focus. I think if I can manage to do it again I'll check another beginner section and see if I can get through that too. (they have beginner and advanced sections for each part of the body).

I also have decided that I want a swiss exercise ball now. I posted this article in my LJ the other day which is what inspired me. To be able to sit at my computer and work on fitness without thinking about it, plus balance and burn energy would be great. Plus the fact that it would help correct my posture is a good thing. So that is now on the shopping list :) Funny, but useful!
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