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Learning about myself.

i just got Jillian Michaels' book, Winning by Losing. She's the female trainer on the Biggest Loser show (which, i shamefully admit, is the one "reality" vice i sink to watching). She's a bitch. :) Just what i need, a bully! Hehehe... Her book outlines a number of things, and i thought i'd share my results.

First, she wants us to identify our body shape, so we can know what we can and can't expect from it. There is no doubt in my mind, that of the three types (apple, pear, and proportionate), i am definitely an apple. She says, "The apple tends to store fat in her upper body, so if a person is carrying extra weight, it is usually around the belly." Well... yeah, okay, that is me.

Next she wants us to measure things. Oh dear gawd. Do i *have* to post these? Well... yes. Because if i do, then i have impetus to get better, and i have people who will spend time telling me i'm doing great when i improve.

1. Waist measurement *right* at belly button line: 47.5"
2. Stand with feet hi-width apart and measure hips at widest point: 52"
3. Divide waist measurement by hip measurement to get hip-to-waist ratio: 0.91

She points out that ideal hip ratios for wmen are 0.80 and for men it's 0.95. As embarassing as it is, i am going to make the observation here that the widest point of my hips is only about an inch below my belly button.

My current weight is 197lbs. According to Jillian (and a zillion other sources), my ideal weight should be between 125lbs and 135lbs. This means i have 62 lbs to lose. Now i'm supposed to "get it in writing," to help me stay focused (and presumably, honest). She has a little chart which i won't try to replicate in LJ, but which i'll just write out. The rewards part is what you give yourself if you reach your goals.

Long term (ultimate) goals:
* i want to lose 50 lbs.
* i want to be able to ride my bike to my friend's house.
* i want to be able to not ache every day (most of my aches are from not exercising enough).
* i want to fit into anything that is less than a size 16.

Long term (ultimate) rewards:
* i will buy a bikini and wear it in public!

Monthly goals:
* i will drop below 190 lbs this month.
* i will limit my snacking to things that are mostly healthy, and be conscious of carbs and calories.
* i will do 20 minutes on the elliptical the way Jillian wants it done (circuit).

Monthly rewards:
* i will buy myself the Biggest Loser video.
* i will buy myself a new swiss ball of the right size.

Weekly goals:
* i will get on the elliptical for at least 15 minutes at least six times this week.
* i will not eat any "fast food" this week.
* i will write down all my food in www.fitday.com.

Weekly rewards:
* i will make Jillian's yummy cream cheese rolls for dessert twice this week!
* i will play EverQuest this week.

Daily goals:
* i will make sure i get on the elliptical, even if it means doing so after i've showered.
* i will make healthy snacks up ahead of time, when i am not hungry, so that they are ready for me if i feel snacky.
* i will drink at least 8 glasses of water today.

Daily rewards:
* i will relax and watch my show tonight.
* i will take time to read Harry Potter and Jillian.

There. Tomorrow or the next day, i'll try and do the next section. i'm posting these on my personal LJ but i wanted to post the info here, in case anyone else wanted to "work along with me." :)
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