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I actually walked for almost 20 minutes today (still need to work out a round-trip course that will give me the full 20 minutes and then to add 5-minute increments eventually). I did this because I have decided to follow the plan in this book. I heard the author on television recently, and I was impressed by his grasp of the whole complex of symptoms that women often have due to the impact and interaction of stress, neurotransmitters (primarily serotonin), and hormones.

I really want to at least start to feel better in three weeks, and this is the basic plan detailed in the book:

Week One
- Stress: Start a stress journal.
- Serotonin: Walk (briskly) in sunlight
- Hormones: Start the recommended eating plan

Week Two
- Stress: Work out stress (start practicing a stress-reduction technique every day, e.g., yoga or meditation) to use the body to calm down the mind and begin using strategies to overcome worry.
- Serotonin: Add B vitamins and fish oil
- Hormones: Starte chasteberry or black cohosh; St. John's wort and 5HTP if needed.

Week Three
- Stress: Use anger-management techniques and cultivate a positive attitude
- Serotonin: Learn carbohydrate timing
- Hormones: Consider progesterone cream, in the dosage recommended.

It seems like a nice, doable, phased approach that doesn't cost megabucks. I don't think it can hurt to try it for three weeks and then track whether I feel better.

I was able to get the book plus this one with a gift certificate my sister gave me for Christmas. I think both will be really helpful for me -- but only if I do the work!
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