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Well, yesterday i did another 17 minutes on the elliptical (thank you, Jivebunny!) at level 2 and 3. then i did another 30 minutes of resistance / weight training on the swiss ball. Then today, i did 25 minutes on lvl 2 on the elliptical (i'm VERY sore today) and 10 minutes of resistance training on the ball. Tomorrow i'll do elliptical and some light weights for upper body, and some crunches, but it'll be a light day because we have a guest coming over, then i'm going out for the night.

i feel good, even though everything aches right now. My arms and thighs and calves are screaming at me. But at least it's honest pain and not just the "ow" from sitting on the couch too long.

Currently, my aim is to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, with at LEAST 15 minutes on the elliptical (if i only have 15 minutes to give, i will put it to level four, which is the best i can do right now, but if i can do longer, i can lower the level). i'll have one day off a week from resistance/weight training, but will do cardio 7 days a week, for at least 15 minutes. After all, as Flylady says, you can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes.

i weighed in at 199 lbs today. i hate the way i look. i feel chunky. i hate the Christmas photos, because i have a double chin. i hate having my photo taken while holding the new twins (sis's, not mine), because i look so awful (to me). i want a better body. i will have a better body. Wish me luck...
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