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i did something!

About six months ago, we moved from our old shoebox to a new, 6 bedroom home. Wow, awesome! Only i was so sore from moving boxes for hours each day, and packing and cleaning and all the other associated moving stuff, that i stopped exercising. i just couldn't face lifting weights for half an hour, after four hours of lifting boxes at much higher weights. It didn't seem right.

It took us three months to move in. During that three months, i was doing a lot of heavy lifting. At the end of it, i had managed to dislocate my right shoulder, and was in so much pain that lifting my arm, never mind weights, was too much to bear. Various things happened, and that got fixed, but i never went back to the exercising.

i had been holding my weight at about 175... i am now up to 199. i'm mad at myself. i'm mad at Amo for not pushing me, even though that's terribly unreasonable of me. i'm mad at sis, who refused to eat during her pregnancy unless someone else ate with her, and for whom i ate many "bad" things, and certainly more than i should have.

i finally went out and bought one of those $7 swiss ball exercise books. i know i am not ready for full weight lifting at this point. i'm hurting too much, and my ability to do anything at all has gone WAY down. The swiss ball is what my chiropractor had me using for various exercises, for my back and shoulder, so we had it handy.

Two days ago, i brought the ball up from the basment (it was down there over Christmas, as Amo's parents were over and we were trying to look clean and tidy), as well as the handles for our freeweights (they weigh 2.5 lbs each, and i figured that was enough to start with). i also brought up two strap on ankle weights.

Yesterday, i stared at them with horror, and never did anything. Since the twins got their shots and screamed incessantly for several hours, i feel not one whit of guilt over not exercising. i was hefting babies all that time. That's exercise enough. Today, though, i had no such excuse. i had Amo put on Footloose on his stereo, and i got on the elliptical, and i rode it HARD for 17 minutes (the first three songs, the last of which is Holding out for a Hero, which is long, fast, and great for cardio... and painful) on level 4 most of the way. i was drenched, gasping, but still singing at the end of it. i took a breather to down some water and stretch out a bit, and then i did 20+ minutes on the swiss ball, with light weights. i did shoulder presses and back exercises, and work on my legs and calves. i did a few crunches and a few push ups. i sweated like a pig. i was tired, breathing hard, and satisfied at the end of it.

Yay me. Seriously.

Now i'm sore. But tomorrow, i hope to get up and do it all over again (though perhaps i'll get Amo to play another album). i am going to work at this. i do not want to be fat anymore. i don't want to look the way i do. i've been watching my guilty pleasure, The Biggest Loser, and i'm seeing them melt down. It isn't easy and it isn't overnight, but it's REAL. If they can do it, at 300+ pounds, i can do it. i CAN do it. And i am doing it.

Wish me luck...
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